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Using Exotic Leather

Diamond B Custom Leather Work & Repair works with exotic hides

Offering anything from alligator to axis

Contact us Today to inquire about our Exotic Leather. 

Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo Bag
Ammo Pouches - Cape Buffalo
Porter's Processing

Authentic Texas Alligator Leather

Now offering custom leather accessories made from alligator hides straight from Porter's Processing & Alligator farm in Anahuac, Texas.

Porter's specializes in alligator hunts, as well as meat and hide processing. Give them a call today to schedule your next hunt! 


Diamond B Custom Leather Work & Repair will be ready to make your next custom leather creation with your trophy gator hide! 


Alligator Belts and Wallets
Alligator Knife Sheath

Custom, handmade belts, wallets, hat bands, purses, and keychains with authentic Texas rattlesnake leather.

Place your custom rattlesnake leather order today!

Don't Tread On Me

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