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Diamond B Custom Leather Work & Repair

I am a small town business owner, stay at home Dad, and wannabe farmer. When I'm not working sheep, taking my daughter to gymnastics, or cooking supper,I'm in the leather shop, cranking out custom leather creations and bringing new life to old leather goods. I enjoy meeting new people and I'm always up for a challenge.


Since 2016

I grew up on my grandparent's horse farm in San Angelo, Texas surrounded by all kinds of leather goods. Saddles, belts, chaps, and so many others.


My grandfather prides himself on self-sufficiency, hard work and doin' it right the first time, and it rubbed off. Times were tough on the farm and if you wanted something fixed, you did it yourself.


With time, I turned the necessity for repair into the art of creation. With the birth of my daughter in 2016, my hobby became a great way to earn money while being a stay at home Dad. My wife is a travel nurse and while on the road, I have sold leather work from coast to coast.


Those same grandparents that cultivated my love of leather have aged and now need a little help. So I have come home to the farm with my family to permanently establish my leather shop in San Angelo.​

BJ Dukes 

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